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TV Box Reprogram/Repair - Same Day Service

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Bought an Android Box and it's not working like you expected? Have had one for a while and it used to work but doesn't any more? We can help! Most of the problems associated with not being able to stream have to do with what apps you use, and our setup makes it much easier to use and has no need for constant updating! We can install everything you need for Live TV and On Demand Movies and TV Shows, even on old Android 4.4 devices! What we can't do is make a slow device fast, but that has very little to do with whether it will stream or not.

There are two potential ways to solve this problem:

#1 - You can drop off your device with us, located in North Edmonton, and pick it up within 2 hours ready to go.

#2 - On most devices it is possible to provide remote support with no need for you to even leave your couch! Give us a call and we can find out whether your device is compatible in 5 minutes.

Call or text (587)921-2599 for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not set up to do physical repairs. If you have a broken HDMI port or something of that nature, unfortunately we can't help you.



Canada Cord Cutters does not host any streams or other content. We are not responsible for how our products are used. There is no functional difference between an Android TV Box and a smartphone, other than the display method.