You can download our premium CCCtivi app from our Filelinked store, 14327532 (no PIN), or download from this URL directly. The link is case sensitive!

Install the app, then find CCCtivi in your “all apps” menu. Open it up, and sign in with your username and password! There is a text field labeled "Any Name". You can put whatever you want there, it does not affect anything, but it cannot be left blank.

The first thing you want to do once you're signed in is, go into the app settings (when watching a channel, hit the OK button on your remote, and hit the down button to go down to the very bottom menu below. Go all the way to the right and click on the gear), choose TV Guide, and turn ON "update on app start". This will make it so the TV Guide and Playlist update every time you open the app. This is necessary to make sure everything is kept up to date for you. The playlist is set to do this by default.


Advanced Setup Tips

These changes are optional, but it is our favorite configuration.

Other settings we recommend:
In Settings: Go to General. Turn OFF "play last channel on app start". This SOUNDS good but can be super annoying. If you like this behavior, you can leave it alone.

In Settings: Go to Remote Control
Choose TV Guide
Change "Back" to "Show Groups"
Change "Left" to "Scroll to Previous programs"

Go back to Remote Control category:
Choose Player
Change "Left" to "Show most recent channel"
Change "Right" to "open TV Guide in overlay mode"

In Settings, go to Appearance, choose "Groups", and turn OFF:
Show all playlists category
Show all channels category

Leave Favorites ON unless you do not use favorites.

You can hide any categories you don't watch. to do this:

Again, from a channel list, hit the menu button. Highlight but don't click the button with the CCCtivi logo, and another menu pulls out. Choose the bottom option, "Group options”.
Then in the next menu, choose "Manage groups".
On this page, click "Change group sorting" and change to Manual. Then, scroll down and you will see all the groups. Turn OFF the ones you won't be watching. THEN, you can click the manage positions button, and sort them however you want, putting the stuff you watch most at the top.

This reads like it is a lot to do, actually, it only takes 2 minutes or so, and helps to show where all the different settings are located.

 Here is a video of this process to help illustrate: