CCCTV (Phones/tablets only)

WE RECOMMEND THIS APP FOR ANDROID PHONES AND TABLETS ONLY! For Android Boxes, Android Smart TVs, and FireTV devices, the CCCtivi app is much better, but it does not work on phones and tablets.

You can download the CCCTV app from our Filelinked store, 14327532 (no PIN), or download from this URL directly. The link is case sensitive! 

Otherwise you cannot install apps that are not from the Google Play Store!

Once you have the file downloaded, you can click the “open” prompt that many devices give inside the browser, or navigate to your file browser (normally found in your Apps menu), and find the apk file in the downloads folder. Click on it, and choose “Install”.
With the app installed, just open it and sign in with the username and password provided to you via email.

IF you experience a problem signing in, and you are SURE you have entered everything correctly, then clear the app data and then sign in. Some devices do this and we're not sure why.
Main Menu>Settings>Apps>CCCTV>Clear Data

Once you are logged in you can start enjoying the awesomeness!