Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How does Streaming work?

A:   Streaming devices connect to your TV by HDMI, and to your internet connection via WiFi. They can be used to stream content over the internet, like Movies and Live TV.


Q:   Is Streaming Legal?

A:   Yes! Streaming content is perfectly legal in Canada, and in most countries in fact.


Q:   Can I see a channel list?

A:  No. Posting that information openly would only be harmful. You can see what's available easily with a trial.


Q:   What can I watch with these Streaming devices?

A:   Our devices come packed with all the necessary apps for Live TV and Sports, and Movies and TV Shows on demand. Please note however, Canada Cord Cutters does not host any content. We are professional Streaming experts and retailers.

Before you receive your device, you will receive detailed instructions via email to get you set up, and all the tips you need to use everything installed. Please keep this email for your own future reference.


Q: Do I need a VPN?

A: You don't NEED a VPN. You certainly can use one if you like though, and it is a good idea to do so. ExpressVPN is a good choice because of their high speeds, but any reputable paid VPN will work just fine. We do not recommend free VPNs, as not having a VPN is frequently better than using a free VPN.


Q: Do I have to use your app for the IPTV service?

A: No. Unlike many other providers, who will only allow you to use their app, or even worse, only let you use stbemu, we allow you to use whatever app or device you want. That being said, while we are familiar with MOST streaming devices, we are not familiar with all of them, and cannot help tech support or set up some devices. At a certain point, understanding your own devices is your own responsibility. To clarify, we usually know what info you need for any given device, but what to do with it in detail may be outside our wheelhouse. Google can be very helpful in these instances.


Q: Can I have more than four connections with the IPTV service?

A: Yes, you can have as many simultaneous connections as you want, for an additional charge. Contact us for information.


Q:   Do you offer any streaming devices I can use?

A:   Yes! We can provide what we consider the best, most reliable, and easiest to use device upon request. Please contact us at for details!


Q:   I had a box before, and all I ever got was buffering!

A:   Yep, that's been the experience of lots of folks! The issues that many people have with buffering have to do with the choice of method to stream, and specifically Kodi. Kodi is a very interesting app, and it has all the capabilities people claim, BUT! The fact of the matter is that because of the constant need for updating, and the buffering issues, we have chosen to not use it at all. There are better apps out there, with dedicated servers for streaming, so you can watch a whole movie in 1080p without it ever pausing once. Have fun trying to get that sort of performance consistently out of Kodi!


Q:   What speed internet do I need?

A:   There's a lot of misinformation about how fast your internet needs to be to use these devices effectively. Some folks even claim a necessity of 5 MB/s for Movies and TV Shows On Demand, which is not true. If you can stream YouTube or Netflix in 1080p, your speed is sufficient. If you want a quantified number, 1.25 MB/s (10 Mbps) is enough for On Demand Movies and TV Shows without buffering, and 3+ MB/s (24+ Mbps) is good for even HD streams of Live TV, which requires higher throughput, but the faster your speed, the better. You can test your speed at We've had many customers in rural areas with less than ideal internet service, and they are able to use our setup with no to minimal issues.

What do these numbers mean? It can be confusing, but MB/s is Megabytes per second, and Mbps is Megabits per second. There are 8 Megabits to a Megabyte, so 8 Mbps is 1 MB/s. Websites like generally use Megabits per second as their measure.