The GSE IPTV app is available from the App Store, you can download and install it directly from there.

To set up GSE IPTV, once it is installed and open, click the menu button at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the section marked “Remote”, and choose Xtream Codes API.

Then, you need to fill 4 text fields:

1 - Any name - put whatever you want here
2 - Server Address –
3 – Username - Your username, provided via email. It is CASE SENSITIVE
4 - Password - Your password, provided via email. It is also CASE SENSITIVE

The guide will be empty until you load it. You can hit the "Install EPG Data" button to get the guide set up. Afterward, it should update automatically by default once every day.

Once you are logged in you can start enjoying the awesomeness!