Under the type of devices listed, click on the link for the app you'd like to use, and you will see the relevant instructions for you to get set up for your subscription. Other apps are available, and other devices. These are just our recommended apps.

There are 3 apps we do NOT recommend:

- IPTV Smarters, because the guide interface is not great, though it IS simple to use, but our CCCTV app is better in pretty much every way.

- StbEmu, because it is much slower than just about all other apps and has the worst interface and bad controls, plus uses MAC address which can cost you more for extra connections

- Smart IPTV (except on certain Smart TVs where few choices are available), because it has the WORST control scheme we have ever seen, and can only reload the playlist through their website. 

These are our recommendations, but you CAN use any app you want to. We just want to provide the best experience we can.


We will contact you to set up your username and password, get your MAC address, or send your m3u and EPG links.



14327532 - No PIN


Android (Android Box/Phone/Tablet/Smart TV) 

CCCTV App    Tivimate  


Amazon Fire TV (Fire Stick/Cube/Smart TV)

CCCTV App    Tivimate  





Apple (Apple TV/iPhone/iPad)



LG/Samsung Smart TV

Smart IPTV


Windows 10 PC (MyIPTV works for Xbox One)

MyIPTV Player   IPTV Smarters   Perfect Player


Windows 7 PC

IPTV Smarters   Perfect Player


MAC Connections

MAG devices, Android Boxes using StbEmu, or hybrid IPTV boxes (Dreamlink, Formuler, BuzzTV) simply require you to contact us with your MAC address.